At the doctor’s office & clinic

υπηρεσίες Γιούλα Μπάρλα

Refractive study & Laser surgery

Visual acuity test, refractometry, refractive test with and without cycloplegia (measurement of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia), keratometry, Pentagam Corneal corneal corneal thickness, biometrics.

Cataract Examination & Surgery

Visual acuity control, keratometry, refractive examination, biomicroscopy, intraocular pressure measurement, mydriasis & dermatoscopy, corneal topography, corneal endothelium examination, biometrics, assessment for insertion of special intraocular lenses for myopia, myopia.

Glaucoma study

Intraocular pressure measurement (tonometry), corneal thickness, endoscopy, optical fields, laser tomography and optic nerve head topography with OCT, pressure curve.

Basic ophthalmological examination

Visual acuity test, refractive test (eyeglasses), color perception test, tonometry, biomicroscopy, sonoscopy, keratometry, basic orthopedic examination.

Visual fields

Checking the condition of the optic nerves by recording the width of the visual field of each eye, for the diagnosis and monitoring of glaucoma and certain neurological diseases.


Bottom check with GOLDMANN direct and indirect ophthalmoscope and tricatopic glass.


Necessary preoperative examination at the cataract to determine the degrees of the intraocular lens.

Orthopedic study

Control of strabismus and diplopia.

Photo shoot

Anterior half-bottom.


Special examination for the diagnosis and monitoring of fundus diseases of the eye. Photos of the seabed are taken with a special camera, after a special dye (fluorosine) has been administered intravenously. degrees of the intraocular lens.

Digital angiography with indocyanine

Similar test with fluoroangiography, but with a different pigment (indocyanine).

Laser tomography and macular topography (OCT)

A very important new test for macular degeneration.

Laser tomography and topography of the optic nerve head (OCT)

An important new test for glaucoma monitoring, which measures the thickness of the nerve fiber layer (RNFL) and the concavity of the optic nerve head.

Corneal topography

Mapping of the anterior surface of the cornea that serves in the diagnosis of keratoconus, various forms of astigmatism and in the preoperative and postoperative control of cataracts.


Examination that gives important information about the cornea, the anterior chamber and the pupil of the eye. Necessary in refractive surgeries.

Corneal thickness

Measurement of corneal thickness. Necessary examination in refractive surgery with laser and in the study of glaucoma.

A&B ultrasounds

Ultrasound examination of the eye.

Examination for the application of contact lenses

Keratometry and / or corneal topography, tear film control, tear production measurement.